Monthly Quests

As regular as the tides, there will also be monthly quests to challenge Fighters and survivors.

What are the quests about? What else? Killing zombies, of course!

Easy, champ! Each monthly quest will last a week, so we have all the time to take it slow. Just one reminder: to prevent attendees from overworking and having playing become a chore, we put a cap on how many times you can join the quest every day. Once you use up your daily chances, you will have to wait until tomorrow to play again.


During the week-long quest, players will earn points by defeating other Fighters. Your speed, number of combos, the strength of the Fighters defeated, and other factors will determine points earned. Points earned by each player will be entered into the leaderboard.


At the end of the monthly quest, rewards will be distributed according to your leaderboard ranking.

Rare tokens and valuable NFTs will be distributed as part of the rewards!

"Then I'm going to play the shit out of this!" ——A general named H said this quite excitedly on a Tuesday afternoon.(Who is H? Not important, what's important is that he said it)

Rewards is affected by DBAS mechanism.

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