Zombie Invasions

Alliances may come under attack from waves of zombies. Defeat them all to ensure your survival and reap the rewards!

Nightmarish Invasion: Zombie Bosses

Zombie bosses are very powerful and impossible to beat single-handedly. Only teamwork by a powerful alliance can defeat them!


Unlike other mindless, reckless zombies shambling towards destruction, this zombie boss retains a small bit of human intelligence (it has to, to lead the horde). If players fail to defeat it quickly enough, it will escape before players can finish it... but not before leaving behind a trail of destruction.

If a zombie boss escapes, it may encourage weaker zombies to attack, believing the weakened Alliance to be an easy target. This will result in a large uptick in zombie attacks. Fortunately, the new zombies will not be bosses and may be easy pickings for a prepared Alliance. Zombie bosses can only attack once a day.

Shed a tear for the poor copycat attacker zombies who believe themselves to be a boss.

"We believe in being innovators, and not in blindly following the latest trends."——A general probably said this at one point or another.

Increase in Difficulty

Once an invading zombie boss has been defeated, the next one will be stronger. A desire for vengeance and challenges is one of the few things humans and zombies have in common.

"When Tom tries to pick on Jerry, he should keep in mind Jerry's cousin Muscles has the power to thrash him."——The same general once said, but on a different occasion

Note that stronger enemies mean better loot—— the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Those who join the fight with the zombie boss have a chance of earning coins and rare NFTs.

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