Fighter Card Design

Each Fighter is represented by a card NFT. The NFT includes the Fighter's rarity, a background, a card frame, and different levels of special effects. All of these combined make up the Fighter Avatar NFT, and each one is unique to the Fighter. The combination of traits creates nearly endless possible combinations and unique NFTs for players to own and trade.
Card Attributes
In-game function
Rarer cards are more powerful and have stronger bonuses
Card backgrounds
65 types (and counting)
No in-game effect, aesthetic only
Card frames
34 types (and counting)
No in-game effect, aesthetic only
Card special effects
lv.1 - lv.485
No in-game effect, aesthetic only
Ordinary, mutated
Mutated cards have an entirely different appearance and increased battle power and bonuses.
Different card backgrounds
Different card frames
A small selection of different effects on cards
To quickly calculate the current number of possible unique NFTs:
Current number of total possible unique fighter NFTs: = Fighter Avatars(342) * Card backgrounds (65) * Card frames(34) * Card special effects(485) * Mutation possibilities (2) = 733,145,400
This gives us over 730 million unique NFTs, with the number of possibilities continuing to skyrocket as new fighters, backgrounds, effects, and mutations are released; with billions and trillions of possibilities, even if the entire planet plays, each player can still create their own unique NFTs for use and trade. Only the rarity and level impact gameplay, so players can adjust visual effects to their own satisfaction without worrying about compromising effectiveness, and maximize visual attractiveness and gameplay separately. With this many possibilities, players can also create their own works of art in their NFT avatars, for their own use or to sell.