Types of Land

Buying Land

Players can purchase or sell plots of land in the marketplace. Aside from purchasing, they can also lend out or authorize usage of their land to other players.

Purchasable land types include grassland, forest, and hills. No other type of land can be purchased.

Players can only enter The Overworld if they own, are authorized to use, or borrow at least one plot of land.

Shelter-Land Linking

When a player owns (or is borrowing or authorized to use) one plot of land, they may link their shelter to this specific plot of land. After linking the two, their shelter will appear on the Overworld map, and the player can gather resources from their own land.

If a player wishes to move their shelter to another plot of land, they have to switch the link to another plot of land that they own, are authorized to use, or are borrowing.

Unlinking Shelters and Land

When a players unlinks the shelter, it disappears from the world, and the player will not be able to enter the Overworld Mode.

Only plots of land that are not linked to shelters can be authorized for use by other players, sold, or lent.

If a shelter is linked to a plot of land that they were authorized to use temporarily or borrowed and the term of the agreement expires, the shelter is automatically unlinked from the plot of land as it reverts to the owner.

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