Adventure Mode

As the leader of your shelter, you must maintain constant vigilance against the threat of mutated creatures, zombies, and marauders, while simultaneously building your shelter up to accommodate more survivors and generate more resources.

Organize the fighters in your shelter, assigning them to various tasks and buildings. Search ruins and the outdoors for scrap and resources, defeat zombies for rare materials and assign others to refine materials and grow food within the shelter, slowly turning it from a mere camp into a miniature city.

Daily Activities

Rome was not built in a day, and that was in relatively normal times. After the apocalypse, everyone needs to work hard just to survive. Complete daily tasks to keep the shelter safe and gather resources to expand its population of fighters.

Be aware that the number of things you can do each day is limited, so allocate resources wisely, as you won't be able to conduct more missions until the next day.


Players can bring up to 5 fighters into battle at once. At first, the primary opponents will be all kinds of zombies and mutant monsters.

  • Fighters and zombies will take turns attacking, with attacks dealing damage but allowing the enemy to charge up energy to unleash special attacks.

  • Each Fighter has unique special abilities that can be used when they have sufficient energy. The player may then click the fighter to unleash their special ability when it will be most advantageous.

  • When enemies have enough energy, they will use their abilities immediately, without waiting.

During battle, do not forget the relationships between the colors. Using the right colors to attack and defend makes a huge difference in damage and effectiveness.

Battle Rewards

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk."——Mark Zuckerberg

The greater the danger, the greater the rewards! Send out adventuring parties of fighters to destroy zombies and explore, and claim the treasures left behind in the ruins from the zombies still roaming there. Many valuable resources, including serum to cure zombies and turn them into your own fighters, can be obtained this way.

Battle rewards is affected by DBAS mechanism.

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