Diverse Game Universes

Our existing game worlds- including myth-inspired fantasy, historical adventures, the Old West, and post-zombie apocalypse- will all be placed online and players can access them all from a central hub. We will continue to create Cyberpunk, Space Exploration, and other worlds while giving players the tools to make their own.

Old West World

Join the pioneers, settlers, Native Americans to protect your lands, livelihoods, and forge a new life for yourself in the West.

Be aware of the insidious bandits, cow rustlers, brutal outlaws, and other dangers. They've also got a life to make, and they would do anything to make it.

Will you be the hero the West needs, and bring peace to these parched lands?


Gods, legends, and myths come to life and battle for supremacy.

In a world filled with magic, danger and wonder await those who venture inside, while courageous heroes and their sometimes-bungling sidekicks seek to carve their names into history through glorious deeds.

Not all that glitters is gold, and loyalty and bravery are the true currency of the realm.

Do you have what it takes to confront the forces of darkness? Will your legacy be written in sand or in stone?


Witness the rise of civilization from its humble beginnings, cultivate your own kingdom, and join the ranks of the greatest leaders in history.

Guide your civilization through various stages of development, strengthening and improving your units and recruiting powerful heroes from different historical periods to lead your forces into battle.


High tech meets low life in this futuristic dystopia.

We can't afford Keanu Reeves, but Night City isn't the only world in which powerful megacorporations have their boots on the neck of the masses, even as technology enables humans to interface seamlessly with machines, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human, and ordinary people struggle to survive despite the startling advances made by humanity.

Space Exploration

Magic isn't the only way to leave Earth behind; explore the cosmos and clash or cooperate with aliens and other colonists as we become a multiplanet and interstellar species. The universe is filled with unimaginable phenomena and incredible beings, and stories waiting to be told.

The Far East

Katanas, kung fu, hidden temples in harmony with nature, and gorgeous vistas are the hallmarks of this fantastical vision of East Asia. Spanning from ancient history onward, explore new cultures and philosophies, and hone your martial arts as well your spirit in a classic adventure for the ages.

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