Dynamic Balance Adjustment System

Our vision is to create a game with the perfect combination of Play for Fun and Play to Earn. We have carefully crafted an interesting and strategic game Karmaverse zombie, the first one in the Karmaverse. Players can truly enjoy, emerge themselves in the universe. While they spend some quality gaming time, we also created a sustainable play-to-earn dynamic economy, allowing players to earn money. This game will show you GameFi and mobile gaming can enhance and bring new life to each other.

In other words, finding a balance between all of these dynamics is an ongoing process. While Karmaverse has experienced incredible growth and prosperity, we have continued to spend time and energy figuring out the economy to balance the production and consumption of in-game tokens to better ensure the experience for our users. Therefore, we specifically developed a DBAS (Dynamic Balance Adjustment System) to address the imbalance between the production and consumption of tokens in Karmaverse. The core of DBAS is that when consumption drops, incentives are provided to encourage users to spend tokens, thereby increasing their investment in the game. In the process, players get discounts and offers, and the entire game economy becomes more stable and durable. In an abstract sense, DBAS operates like ETH gas fees. When the number of transactions across the chain decreases, gas fees also decrease, thus reducing users' transaction costs and encouraging them to make transactions. So, in Karmaverse, we have a balance board that updates in real time (every minute), showing the number of tokens needed to upgrade Fighter NFT in the next minute, which is calculated by our unique algorithm.

Of course, DBAS does more than just reduce transaction fees; if necessary, it also increases the amount of money earned after a transaction, so when a player does something that consumes tokens, he gets an extra reward. For example, if a player consumes tokens and upgrades the holding Fighter NFT, the maximum amount of tokens he can earn for the day is increased.

We believe that these economic balances will enable us to avoid many problems and move the economic model in the right direction. We will listen to the community and continue to iterate.

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