World Map

Players will move their shelter to a plot of land in a 400*400 sandbox world. Each plot of land is an NFT asset, which can be freely sold, rented, traded, licensed, or moved.

If you have multiple plots of land next to each other, you can merge them into a single territory, which can be used to display your own unique icon.

There are different types of land. Some yield resources for your Fighters to harvest, some contain zombies to fight, some are home to bosses you must work with other players to defeat, and some are strong points to occupy.

Different actions in the game require different resources. Increasing the number or strength of your Fighters, creating equipment and items to battle with, and expanding your shelter will all require resources obtained from the map.

Structure of the Game World

Layer 1 - Overworld

The game world contains 160000 plots of land, including players' territory, resources, monsters, bosses, and points of control to fight over.

Layer 2 - Region

The Overworld is divided into 25 regions. Each region contains 6400 plots of land. Players within each region can interact, cooperate, and compete.

Layer 3 - Shelters

After acquiring a plot of land, players can construct or move their shelter to that land and develop it as their base.

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