Players (Karmanauts)

Each player will have an avatar that can move freely between game worlds. This avatar is itself an NFT and can be sold or transferred to other players. It is also linked to your token wallet, which contains all of the tokens and assets you have earned across every game on the system.

Player Avatars

Player Avatars are a public NFT within the KARMAVERSE. They can be used in any game, or any in-game universe, with players able to freely create, edit, and trade avatars.


Players will be able to build their own homes in KARMAVERSE. A home has various functions, including:

  • Change outfits and makeups in the walk-in closet at home, creating a unique Avatar that solely belongs to you.

  • Store and display all the rare collectibles you gather from the games.

  • Invite friends into your home. Together you can have a chat, interact, game, enjoy the vistas, listen to music and watch movies.

The players will be able to change their home type, in order to unlock more functions, more display slots, better layout, and more stunning views.

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