Withdrawal and transfer fees

Withdrawing and Transferring Tokens

Players can freely dispose of in-game token currencies, including Serum and Knots. Serum and Knots can also be withdrawn and deposited in the player's wallet outside of the game.

In order to withdraw in-game tokens and transfer them to your wallet or other players, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an in-game account

  • You must have at least 3 NFT fighters in your account, or the combined power of the 5 strongest fighters you possess must be equal to or greater than 3000

  • It must have been at least one hour since your last withdrawal

  • The amount of tokens you are withdrawing or transferring must be greater than the transfer/withdrawal fee.

You must meet all of the above requirements in order to withdraw and transfer tokens.

Withdrawing and Transferring NFT Items

Compared to withdrawing and transferring tokens, withdrawing and transferring NFT items (Zombies, Ascension items, etc) the requirements are fairly simple:

  • You must have an in-game account

If you meet the above two requirements, you may withdraw and transfer NFT items, including Fighters and Zombies.

There are no restrictions for withdrawing NFT fighters.

Withdrawal Fees

When withdrawing Tokens or NFTs from your game account to your wallet, there will be a small fee.

Token Fees for Serum: Will be deducted from each individual transaction. The fee charged is based on the amount of time that has passed since Serum was last earned on the account. See below:

Serum FeeMinimum Time Since Serum Last EarnedMaximum Time Since Serum Last Earned



4 hours


4 hours

24 hours


24 hours

48 hours


48 hours

96 hours


96 hours


When withdrawing Knots, the fee is set at 5%.

Based on the above, we can calculate the fees and total amount of tokens you will receive after fees are deducted, as below:

Total Fees = Fee %*Total tokens to be withdrawn

Tokens received=Total tokens to be withdrawn-Total Fees

Remember, there is a basic rule to withdraw tokens, which is the minimum fee amount:

The minimum amount of tokens a players withdraws must be greater than the fee (players cannot withdraw an amount of tokens that would result in them receiving no tokens after the fee is deducted). There is also a minimum fee, and when the player withdraws a very small amount of tokens such that the calculated fee is less than the minimum, the minimum fee will be used instead of the calculated amount.

NFT items (including Fighters, Zombies, Ascension items, etc) will not have a fee calculated based on the amount withdrawn, but rather have a set withdrawal fee.

Withdrawal fees are affected by DBAS mechanism.

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