Overworld Battles

Once a shelter is linked to a plot of land, the player can enter the Overworld. On the Overworld, players may gather resources, cooperate to defeat enemies, hunt zombies, and compete with other players.

Gathering and Competition

Gathering Resources

First, players may gather resources in their own land. Different types of land generate different resources:

  • Food is collected in grasslands.

  • Wood is collected in forests.

  • Iron is collected in hills.

Compete for Resources

Aside from gathering in your own land, you may also go to nearby farms, lumberyards, and mines to collect resources:

  • More food can be collected from farms, and advanced farms store more resources.

  • More wood can be collected from lumberyards, and advanced lumberyards store more resources

  • More iron can be collected from mines, and advanced mines store more resources.

There is a cap on how many resources can be gathered from a given plot of land at once. Higher-level plots of land possess more resources, but over-exploitation will lead to a lack of resources.

Be careful, because once you leave your territory and move to other plots of land to collect resources, you are exposed to attacks from other players. If you are driven off the plot of land by other players, you will be unable to keep collecting resources from that land.

Once the resources on a plot of land have been drained, you cannot collect from it anymore that day. Feel free to move onto another plot of land. Don't worry, the resources will be restocked the next day.

Attacking Zombies

Players can explore areas, consuming energy to attack zombies and zombie bosses. This consumes energy, but energy is refreshed every day.

Zombies can be found in specific plots of land. When the zombies infesting the land are defeated, new zombies will reappear soon. However, the number of zombies plaguing a given plot a land is limited, which means the zombies on a plot of land can be completely eradicated if they are attacked too many times in one day. After the daily refresh of resources, the number of zombies on these plots of land will refresh as well. (When the servers go down, zombies will feast on the survivors wandering the wilds, replenishing their numbers.)

Different lands generate different level zombies. Higher-leveled zombies are more powerful, and drop better items if defeated.

Attacking Zombie Bosses

When a certain amount of zombies have been slain in each area, a zombie boss will be appear.

Zombie bosses are more powerful than regular zombies. Players need to team up and cooperate with one other in order to defeat them. In most cases, zombie bosses cannot be defeated with a single attack. Teams of players may need to attack multiple times to bring one down.

Players that participate in the attack and the player who deals the finishing blow will gain significant rewards. Certain rewards can only be earned by defeating zombie bosses.

Moreover, when one zombie boss is defeated, if players keep defeating the zombies in the area, a new, even more powerful zombie boss may appear.

Occupy the Capital!

The Overworld is divided into 25 regions, each with strong points left behind in the former seats of power from the pre-apocalyptic world. These include former population centers and the old capital of the region. Each region has its own capital, as well as a capital of the entire Overworld. Every so often, every player and their shelter will have a chance to occupy the regional capitals and Overworld capital, gaining the power to determine what kind of society the shelters in their region will live in, and the future direction of humanity.

To participate in the battle to occupy the capitals, you must be in an alliance of shelters. No one player or shelter can hope to dominate a region on their own.

Learn more about Alliances:


Once you successfully occupy a capital, the Alliance in control will be able to set rules and even collect taxes from all other players in the region and distribute them between members of the alliance.

If an alliance controls the Overworld capital, they will be able to collect taxes from every player on the map.

Tax collecting powers will remain until the next round of battles, wherein a new alliance may seize control.

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