Prepare for War

To collect resources from the world map, attack zombies, and occupy capitals, you need to put together an army of your own.

Building an army relies on Fighters and soldiers. Soldiers may be enhanced by wearing equipment.

If you encounter another player gathering resources from a plot of land, fighting in a zombie area, or battling in the capital area, you will need to fight it out to determine who will occupy that territory. Regardless of the result of the battle, soldiers that have fallen cannot be revived.

Finally, armies cannot cross the border between regions. You can only battle within your own region, except during special events.


Recruitment requires food. The more food you have, the more soldiers you can recruit.

Wood can be used to level up soldiers and enhance their power.


Equipment is a type of NFT asset made from other resources acquired in-game. Equipment greatly increases stats, and each piece of equipment has several random elements.

Equipment is built with the iron you collect from hills. Building advanced equipment requires materials gained from defeating zombies.

Defeating zombies and zombie bosses rewards different types of materials. Zombie bosses drop equipment blueprints necessary for more advanced equipment-building.

Build superior equipment with better materials and more iron. Note that attributes of each equipment are randomized even if they are of the same quality, making each piece of equipment unique.

To achieve ultimate victory and occupy the capital, you will need powerful Fighters and soldiers with advanced equipment.

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