Progressive Path to Decentralization

Governance will progressively remove the control from our company towards the community based on token holding.

We will move from a centralized model to a decentralized model progressively in various aspects. The community of $ holders will be able to participate to governance decisions of the platform, using a DAO structure, where they can exercise voting rights on key elements such as:

  • Land renting

  • Transactions Fees

  • Rating profiles

  • Voting Delegates

Land owners can profit by renting their lands and earning interest from other players. The Yield that is generated through this renting mechanism will be set through voting mechanisms.

Transaction Fees: Multiple decision will be based on this decentralized governance. One of this will be the marketplace transaction fee; where through voting rights the fee could be changed within a range of 5% to 3%-7%, affecting the Token flow towards the Eco Fund accordingly based on a decentralized decision.

Security is at the forefront of our community so players will also have the voting rights to assign value and reputation to different players.

Token owners will be allowed to vote themselves or to delegate voting rights to other players of their choice and it is important point on governance.

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