As the process of curing zombies is volatile, and post-apocalypse technology isn't the most reliable, the biolab experiment outcomes are not guaranteed. There is a small chance for the fighter to emerge from the process retaining some zombie mutations.

Mutation Requirements

New fighters have a 5% chance to retain zombie mutations or undergo new mutations. In addition to having a different, mutated Avatar, their passive abilities will be massively enhanced, and these strengthened passive abilities are not available to any fighters not obtained through the biolab zombie curing process.

More and more types of mutations and updated mutation avatars are constantly being added and updated. In the future, every fighter avatar will have up to 4 different levels of mutations, each with their own unique names, avatars, and effects.

Mutation Effects

Mutated fighters will have a different appearance, but it will still be recognizable as based on an existing fighter, as below:

Different Levels of Mutations

Many avatars have different mutations, and mutated fighters that participate in experiments can pass these evolutions on, leading to new types and levels of mutation.

For example, two mutated fighters participate in an experiment to cure a zombie, but are both basic mutations. In this case they can create a level 2 mutation. The next level of mutation can only be reached when both participants are of the same mutation level, otherwise the maximum mutation level possible will still be 1.

Reaching the next mutation level when both are level 1 mutated fighters is 2.5%. The probability of reaching the next level of mutations decreased by 50% each tier, so it'll be tough; but the enhanced abilities and rarity make these mutation equivalent to striking gold.

Mutation LevelParticipating Fighter Mutation LevelProbability













Currently, only a few basic level 1 avatars have been completed. The final product will have up to 4 levels for each fighter, and these will represent some of the rarest NFT tokens in the game.

Mutation probability is affected by DBAS mechanism.

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